International Water Resources Association

IWRA is a non-profit, non-governmental, educational organisation established in 1971. It provides a global, knowledge based forum for bridging disciplines and geographies by connecting professionals, students, individuals, corporations and institutions who are concerned with the sustainable use of the world’s water resources.


The goal of IWRA is to improve and expand the understanding of water issues through education, research and information exchange among countries and across disciplines.

IWRA seeks to continually improve water resource decision-making by improving our collective understanding of the physical, ecological, chemical, institutional, social, and economic aspects of water.

IWRA is deeply committed to the sound management of water resources through:
• Providing an international forum for water resource issues.
• Advancing water resources and related environmental research.
• Promoting water education throughout society by improving global access to relevant data and information.
• Enhancing the quality of knowledge used in decision-making• Improving exchanges of information and expertise.
• Networking with other organisations to advance common interests and goals.