Abror Gadaev

Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute


Dr. Abror Gadaev is currently the Associate Professor of Water Supply, Waste Water and Water Resources Management Department at Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering (SSACEI) in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. His field of expertise is mainly groundwater resources engineering, and mostly he is experienced in sustainable water resources management in the arid zones of Central Asia. Dr. Gadaev’s water engineering teaching experience came up from his 37 years working at SSACEI, and as Fulbright SIR visiting professorship at Ramapo college of New Jersey, USA, during 2009-2010. Also, his managerial and administrative experience comes from his work in Samarkand-Bukhara water services improvement project team (World Bank funded) and as a coordinator of international projects, such as UZWATER TEMPUS, Aral Sea Disaster US-Uzbek joint project. Dr. Gadaev has published more than 40 scientific articles on water related researches and co-editor of the monograph “Disaster by Design: The Aral Sea lessons on sustainability”. He is a member of International Association of Hydrological Sciences, and the International Gender and Water Alliance together with local associations, namely Uzbekistan International Ecological & Sanitation Foundation “Ecosan” and the Uzbekistan Association of Groundwater Scientists & Engineers