Robert DiFilippo

USA / Philippines

Lecturer of Hydrogeology, University of the Philippines


Robert Michael DiFilippo, PG, PhD, is a lecturer of Hydrogeology at the National Institute of Geological Sciences, University of the Philippines. His current research area is in the Philippines where he evaluates the impacts of Salt Water Intrusion on the Freshwater Lens beneath a karst island. A key objective of the research is to develop a protocol for characterizing the complex hydrogeologic milieu, and deliver guidance to local stakeholders on improving management of their water source. Robert also has experience in water engineering in low and middle-income countries, which includes projects in Rwanda (Sanitation & Rain Water Harvesting); Yemen (Water Resource Management); Uganda (Rainwater Harvesting); Tanzania (Water Supply by Wells); Armenia (Sanitation); El Salvador (Water Supply by Surface Water Extraction); Philippines (Water Supply by Wells) and Haiti (Water Supply by Rainwater Harvesting & Sanitation Design). The common theme in this work experience is to provide WASH services to people in poverty, while offering educational opportunities through capacity development to ensure sustainability of the implemented WASH solution.