Rojina Manandhar

UNFCCC secretariat

Rojina Manandhar leads the Nairobi work programme-UNFCCC adaptation-to-knowledge action hub for adaptation and resilience at the UNFCCC secretariat. She is passionate about understanding barriers faced by policy makers and practitioners in countries that hinder them to scale up adaptation. Her work is about understanding these barriers and co-designing solutions to build the resilience of countries through partnerships with governments, experts and broader communities of practice.

In her day-to-day job, she gets inspiration by working with experts, national policy makers and young professionals. Over the past 15 years, she has worked on the scientific, technical, and policy aspects of impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change, on thematic topics of water resources, oceans and coastal areas, biodiversity, human settlements, health, mountain ecosystems and ecosystem-based adaptation and science-policy-practice interface in a global context as well as in South Asia, North America, and Europe.

She also represents the UNFCCC secretariat in UN-Water and currently Steering Committee member of FAO’s Global Framework on Water Scarcity on Agriculture (WASAG).

Partners Organizations

The conference debates and results will contribute to achieving the objectives of the thematic areas – “Groundwater in a Changing Environment” and “Education Key to Water Security” – of the 8th phase of the UNESCO IHP programme on “Water Security: Responses to Local, Regional, and Global Challenges.